Why ActiveGuard® Now

Easy to install, affordable and highly effective, use ActiveGuard® on every bed bug job for effective control and protection

  • Kills bed bugs and dust mites in mattresses and box springs
  • Continuously prevents and controls bed bugs and dust mites for up to two years
  • Short exposure of only 10 minutes exhibits reduction in feeding (biting) and a dramatic inability to lay eggs
  • Easy to install
  • Four sizes fits all mattresses and box springs
  • Enhances, improves and extends any bed bug program
  • User friendly label with no signal word or precautionary warnings

For Additional Benefits 
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  • Maintenance free – “just set it and forget it”
  • Active ingredient is used globally for a variety of public health uses including LL Bean protective outerwear
  • Extensively lab & field tested
  • Trusted and widely used by pest management professionals and major hotels to protect their customers and guests from bed bugs
  • Liners are thin, breathable, comfortable & durable
  • Reduced call backs preserve revenues