Improve Your Bottom Line

A PMP’s Guide to Making Money with ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners and Bed Bugs


Pest Management Professionals are happily discovering they can be more efficient and more effective with their bed bug work by incorporating ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners into their control strategies. PMPs are no longer passively trapping bed bugs, hoping they don’t escape; ActiveGuard® kills them 24/7 and continuously for two years.

Here are just a few ways that adding active liners to your bed bug program can improve your service, sales and bottom line:

  • Increased sales to end users
  • Can be used in conjunction with encasements – increasing sales to end users
  • Get your foot in the door to Commercial Hospitality businesses
  • Reduce the number of call backs, protecting the resident, mattress and box spring
  • Reduces the incidence of re-infestations due to rips and tears, common with encasements
  • Lower inventory carrying costs, four ActiveGuard® SKU’s cover 99% of available beds
  • Easy, one-technician installation saves time and money
  • Carrying only four SKUs on service vehicle allows for installation at the initial service, saving the cost of returning while increasing initial treatment effectiveness
  • Selling as part of a pro-active preventative program
  • Kill any bed bugs missed during cleanout service
  • Two-year residual sale opportunities
  • Dust mite abatement. Sales Opportunities are everywhere!


Who to sell ActiveGuard® to:

Bed bug accounts – Cover every bed in the residence with ActiveGuard® as the last step in an active infestation program AND as a standalone preventative against potential infestations spreading to
additional rooms.

Residential Pest Control accounts – Up-sell current accounts with a preventative bed bug contract 
that is renewable every two years. NO OTHER PRODUCT ON THE MARKET CAN CLAIM TO HAVE TWO YEAR RESIDUAL ACTIVITY!!!  ActiveGuard® must be replaced every two years to be effective.

Hotels, Universities, Colleges, Dorms, Multi-Resident Dwellings, ANYWHERE there is a bed – Sell a preventative bed bug contract by covering every bed in their facility. The cost is minimal considering the damage an infestation can do to their reputation and loss of revenue.


Download a full White Paper on 'How to Boost Revenues' with ActiveGuard®