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Bed Bugs Are Directly Assaulting Colleges and Universities & Becoming a Costly Expense Giving Schools a Bad Reputation

As the current bed bug infestation continues to grow, colleges and universities are at high risk because of the transient nature of these facilities. Residents of college and other academic dormitories, camps, retreats, long-term health care facilities, apartments and other multi-occupant dwellings are changing locations on a very frequent basis, facilitating bed bug migration. Having bed bugs in your dormitory or residence hall increases the financial risk of the institution and it certainly tarnishes its reputation with the chance of widespread postings made throughout the internet.

In addition, the incidence of bed bugs is now part of the decision-making process of selecting a school by students and their parents. Parents are wary of their children returning home on semester breaks for fear that they have uninvited hitchhikers along for the trip!

College students are notorious for communicating through social media sites and a bed bug infestation on campus is in one word – Disastrous!!!

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