Why College Students Are at High Risk for Bed Bug Infestations

With spring break upon us, students across the country are packing up and heading out for a glorious week of fun in the sun, or maybe just a little rest and relaxation back home. While parents may have a long list of spring break concerns already, bed bugs are one that may not be on the top of their minds. But unfortunately, they should be!  Bed bugs are back with a vengeance and your college students are prime targets for these blood sucking parasites.

Take a look at these top reasons why college students are at high risk for picking up bed bugs:
1. Living in multi-unit dwellings increases your risk of bed bugs. With all of the comings and goings from all walks of life bed bugs, notorious hitchhikers, can easily be brought into a dorm or other multi-unit dwelling and quickly infest the entire unit as well as adjoining units. Bed bugs can slip through cracks as thin as a credit card making neighboring dorms and apartments easily accessible to them.
2. College students are on-the-go: spring break, holiday breaks, travel to visit with friends, returning home. This lifestyle alone puts them at higher risk for picking up bed bugs. Bed bugs can easily infest a person’s backpack, luggage, clothing or person when they come into contact with them.
3. College students don’t have the best housekeeping skills. Clutter and infrequent laundering of bed sheets could allow a bed bug infestation to go unnoticed for long periods of time. Pestworld reports that clutter contributes to the problem and adds to the challenge of treatment.
4. College students tend to live more in urban areas and rent their home making three times more likely to encounter a bed bug problem and contribute to the spread of bed bugs.
5. College students are more likely to purchase secondhand furniture which can harbor bed bugs and introduce them into their living quarters.
Educating yourself and that college student in your life about bed bugs can make the difference between detecting a few bed bugs at an early stage versus having a full-blown infestation. A simple line of defense to consider is a treated active mattress liner that is easy to install and kills bed bugs when they come into contact with it. Placing a liner on both the student’s bed at school as well as their bed at home can give you peace of mind in this extra layer of protection against bed bugs. To learn more visit us online.

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