Travel Tips to Prevent a Bed Bug Infestation

Business trips, vacations, students coming back and forth from school, weekend getaways, summer camps, visits to grandma at her assisted living facility, sleep-overs for the kids… all of these ordinary travel events used to be greeted with casual anticipation. However, with the dramatic uptick in bed bug awareness these daily travels now require special attention. Our increasingly more mobile society has brought the bed bug dilemma into our urban and suburban homes. Bed bugs love to travel also! They are skilled hitchhikers! Bed bugs can be transported via your luggage, computers, clothing, back packs and other belongings. So how can we protect our home from a bed bug invasion?

• We can start by being more vigilant when we travel. Try asking at the check-in desk at your favorite vacation spot if they have a bed bug policy. Have they had a recent infestation? Do they cover all their mattresses with bed bug protective and preventative liners, such as ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners? Before booking a hotel room, check to see if this particular hotel has been pointed out on or as having a bed bug problem?

• When you arrive in your hotel room, place luggage, coats and pocketbooks in the bathroom on the tile floor or in the shower/bathtub. Then do a thorough inspection of the hotel room.

• When returning home from your travels, the days of running into the house and throwing your luggage on the bed are long gone! NEVER place your luggage or back packs on the beds. Pillows, stuffed animals and other non-washable clothing should be placed in the clothes dryer at the highest setting for 30 minutes. Clothing that you suspect might be infected needs to be placed in a separate plastic bag before re-entering the home and then washed and dried separately from other clothing. Inspect clothing and luggage or moving boxes in the garage or on a non -carpeted floor then store in the garage or attic, far away from sleeping and living areas.

• Protect the beds in your home with the only preventative bedding product on the market, ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners. These noiseless, odorless, comfortable liners offer continuous protection from newly introduced bed bugs for two years!

• The best way for us to prevent bed bug infestations in our homes is to become more conscious and vigilant of the current bed bug crisis. If your family members travel often, your kids sleep in different locations and then return home, you visit areas where there are lots of people coming and going, you are at high risk to experience a bed bug infestation.

• One more important piece of advice....never bring home used furniture or mattresses that you might have found in someone else's trash pile. That inexpensive "find" could turn costly if that sofa, bureau, or mattresses is infested with bed bugs!

To learn more about ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners or to purchase one for your home today visit us online.

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