Products Changing the Landscape of Bed Bug Treatments

By:  Jim Ballard

Progress is slowly being made in terms of identifying those products that are actually changing the landscape of bed bug treatments.  Changing the landscape means that the product is a top performing product compared to similar products and resistance in bed bug populations does not diminish efficacy.  Often these better products reduce the number of treatments needed for control, which in turn reduces treatment costs.

Combination Insecticides

These products combine a synthetic pyrethroid with a neonicotinoid.  The use of two classes of chemistry insures great control even among resistant bed bug populations.

Transport® GHP Insecticide and Transport® Mikron™ Insecticide

This insecticide contains both bifenthrin and acetamiprid.  It is sold as a wettable powder (Transport GHP) and as a liquid (Transport Mikron).  These products have worked well in the field.

Temprid® SC Insecticide

This insecticide contains  (beta-cyfluthrin) and imidacloprid.  This product has worked well in the field.

ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners

This mattress liner is impregnated with permethrin to kill bed bugs remaining on previously cleared mattresses or box springs.  It also prevents the start of bed bug infestations when installed in un-infested hotel rooms.  The product works for 2 years and it outlasts the life cycle of the bed bug.

Verifi® bed bug detector

This active detector has been proven to work in the field.  It attracts bed bugs for up to 90 days using carbon dioxide, kairomones, heat, and color.  It detects and captures bed bugs that were not seen in visual inspection.

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