Pro-Active Bed Bug Treatment for College Dorms or Apartments

As the saying goes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And there is no better advice when it comes to bed bugs. This is one difficult pest to treat, even for a pest management professional. As a student living away from home or a parent of one, you want to educate yourself on ways in which you can be pro-active against a bed bug infestation.  Consider these pro-active bed bug treatment tips to reduce your risk of a bed bug infestation:

• Do not bring any used or discarded items into your room. Never purchase or pick up a used mattress.

• If you were at a location you thought could have bed bugs, promptly remove your clothing and at least dry them at the highest temperature setting for 30 minutes. Then carefully inspect everything you brought with you (backpack, luggage, etc.) for the presence of bed bugs. Pay special attention to seams, folds, zippers or any other location that provides the bed bugs with a hiding place.

• Understand that living in multi-unit dwellings puts you at an increased risk of an infestation. Educate yourself on bed bugs; learn the Five Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation by reading our blog.   

• Protect your mattress and box spring, the most common hiding spot for bed bugs. ActiveGuard® is the only pro-active mattress liner for preventing a potential bed bug infestation.  These liners actually kill bed bugs generally within 72 hours; even those resistant strains studied! Thin and breathable, ActiveGuard® is easily installed onto mattresses and box springs just like a fitted sheet, and kills bed bugs and dust mites continuously for up to two years.  Learn more by visiting us online

• Control clutter. Infestations are more likely to be found and are easier to control in a cleaner, more organized environment. 

If you suspect you may have bed bugs report it immediately to Resident Life or your housing administrator. Bed bugs are nothing to be ashamed of and a common occurrence in dorm or apartment life. The sooner an infestation is uncovered and addressed the easier treatment will be.

For more information about ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners or to purchase pro-active protection for your mattress or box spring visit us online today.

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