PestWorld 2017 Attendees ‘Discover the Power of Bed Bug Prevention’

The National Pest Management Association’s annual gathering of pest management professionals for PestWorld 2017 took place this year in Baltimore, Maryland during the week of October 24, 2017. PestWorld always proves to be a great opportunity to network with other pest professionals, manufacturers, distributors and researchers, both nationally and internationally.

This year Allergy Technologies’ theme encouraged attendees to ‘Discover the Power of Bed Bug Prevention’. Traffic at the booth was robust and attendees were in agreement that our industry has reached the proverbial ‘tipping point’ where  customers are transitioning from a reactive to a proactive stance on bed bugs. Booth visitors showed great interest in how they could begin offering bed bug prevention as a new service offering to their client base.  Allergy Technologies offered a live ‘real time’ questionnaire focusing on the ‘receptivity’ of the industry toward bed bug prevention.  The resounding answer was ‘Yes…please show us how!’ The Company continues its dedication to providing leadership, direction and turnkey bed bug prevention programs tailored to various customer bases (e.g., single residence, multi-occupant dwelling, hospitality, assisted living and colleges/universities).

Dr. Phil Koehler was one of several guests at the Allergy Technologies booth for PestWorld 2017. Dr. Koehler, endowed Professor at the University of Florida who specializes in urban entomology, had robust conversations with attendees on the development of a Bed Bug Warranty. Paralleling preventive programs for termites in the 90’s, Dr. Koehler strongly believes in the need for a service program that will stop a bed bug introduction from turning into a full-blown infestation.  Many attendees including Tim Wong from M&M Environmental shared Dr. Koehler’s sentiment for bed bug prevention. Wong has had success with his own bed bug prevention program in assisted living homes in the New York City area using ActiveGuard Mattress Liners as the centerpiece of the program.  

Jeff Lipman, Attorney-At-Law with Lipman Law Firm, specializes in class-action bed bug litigation and was a great draw at the Allergy Technologies booth for pest professionals interested in learning more about his views on their bed bug practices. Lipman spent much time explaining to pest professionals why they should urge their clients to take a more proactive stance rather than a reactive stance regarding  bed bugs. Simply stated…reactive policies can result in legal peril. Lipman explained that more effective products, greater awareness and education has raised the bar for both consumer and legal expectations. When it comes to bed bugs in hospitality for example, consumers feel it is the hotel’s duty to prevent and protect guests.

Dr. Susan Jones of Ohio State University was also in attendance at PestWorld 2017 to report on the progress of the National Consortium, a group of preeminent urban entomologists who are conducting ‘A Demonstration Project of Sustainable Bed Bug (Cimex lectularius) Management in Low-Income Housing’.  Drs. Jones, Koehler and Ms. Gail Getty are the principle investigators on a multi-site study evaluating the ability to remediate and then shift control of limited bed bug infestations through partnership with property site management.  Allergy Technologies is providing overall stewardship of the program while seeking subsidy through various participating manufacturers and regional IPM grant programs.  Dr. Jones’ reported that the commencement of this two (2) year demonstration is anticipated for Q1 2018.

In addition to having some of the leading voices in bed bug prevention available to booth visitors, Allergy Technologies also treated their guests to a ‘Taste of Baltimore’, which included local crab cakes and Baltimore’s famous ‘Orange Crush’ drink along with the infamous ‘Baltimore Berger Cookies’ to satisfy sweet teeth.

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