It’s Time to Focus on Prevention

Just as with other pests in our industry, a mind shift occurs at some point for us to transition from offering reactionary measures to preventive ones. Think back about termites. Many doubted that customers would consider paying for monitoring or prevention methods to avoid an infestation.  Nonetheless, we have come to embrace termite monitoring stations that can be easily converted to live baits should a ‘hit’ occur.  And customers appreciate the peace of mind that preventive programs offer. Today all the signs point toward us having reached a similar ‘preventive’ tipping point with bed bugs:

        • Bed bugs are very difficult to control
        • Treatments are labor intensive
        • Callbacks severely cut into profits
        • Chemical resistance is becoming an issue
        • Client confidence as a result of repetitive reactionary treatments is waning

No one will ever be able to stop bed bugs from being introduced into an account but we can stop an introduction from establishing into a full-blown infestation.

Some PMPs fear a loss of profits if we start preventing bed bugs. But let’s take a look at the big picture. The pest management industry thrives on recurring revenue. A bed bug preventive program offers this exact advantage to a PMP. Covering mattresses and/or box springs with an active liner such as ActiveGuard Mattress Liners that kill bed bugs introduced into the room combined with periodic inspections create the centerpiece of an excellent prevention program. And it lends itself to a recurring revenue stream as this active liner must be replaced every two years for maximum efficacy.  Just consider…the target market for bed bug prevention is unlimited as compared to solely focusing on a relatively limited number of active bed bug infestations. Prevention really can be very profitable and is a desperately needed service offering for commercial clients like hotels or anyone offering overnight accommodations.

As Jeff Lipman, Attorney-At-Law and Consumer Class Action Bed Bug Litigator, has said:

“Reactive based measures alone, however implemented, for effective bed bug management and control is an ancient and ineffective way of dealing with bed bugs in hotels and will assuredly create legal peril for hotel property owners.”

                                                                                                                                                                    In support of this powerful preventive messaging, one of the largest bed bug-related judgments to date has just been awarded to an Arkansas family that topped a half million dollars!  With bed bug settlement sizes growing, the high cost of litigation, plus the brand reputational damage resulting from a news or social media posting of an infestation, hotels are desperate for ways to prevent the blood-sucking pest. Bed bug prevention is far more affordable than active remediation and it helps prove a hotel’s due diligence should a hotel client be faced with a lawsuit.

Should you be an early adopter of a bed bug prevention program? As we enter this off-season for the pest management industry many pest professionals are wondering how they can keep their technicians busy during the cooler months. Instead of branching out to Christmas décor, snow plowing or other non-related service offerings, stick to your core business. Bed bugs know no season. Now is the perfect time to:

        • Create your bed bug prevention program…ActiveGuard is a great place to start
        • Educate your sales reps on the program’s details
        • Update your marketing literature

And hit the phones to grow your business. Why wait?  It’s time to focus on bed bug prevention!  Let ActiveGuard Mattress Liners be your roadmap to increased profits for your business.

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