Bed Bug Lawsuits – Is it our Latest Epidemic?

If you follow bed bug news like we do then you may begin to notice that bed bug lawsuits are taking over your news feed. As if social media reports weren’t enough ‘salt in the wound’ of a hotelier, landlord or assisted living facility director, now victims are turning to bed bug attorneys seeking compensation for the physical and mental hardships resulting from their contact with bed bugs. Successful victims/plaintiffs are winning huge settlements; some ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars into the millions. Not only is this a major hit to a business’ bottom line but to brand reputation as well, when local news or bed bug report sites like and tell the victim’s story.

Bed bugs are an insidious pest that can easily infiltrate a room, without a tenant or housekeeping ever noticing, especially if they have not been well trained to look for this pest. Regular bed bug inspections by pest professionals can help to uncover a recent bed bug introduction but inspections can be time consuming and expensive; not a realistic solution to the problem. Mattress encasements were once thought to be a simple remedy, however, they solely protect the mattress and box spring, but not the guest sleeping in the bed. Mattress encasements are also highly prone to rips and tears rendering them useless as they then allow bed bugs access to hide inside.

A proven bed bug prevention tool is being adopted by forward-thinking business owners who now embrace a more proactive approach when it comes to bed bugs. Active mattress liners offer two year protection against bed bugs, protecting not just the mattress and box spring but those sleeping on it as well. Dr. Susan Jones of Ohio State University tested ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners  and reported her findings in the Journal of Medical Entomology. Dr. Jones and her team found the fabric in ActiveGuard® to be extremely effective against bed bugs. Bed bugs that were exposed to the fabric for ten minutes were significantly less likely to feed (bite) compared to those on untreated fabric.  Furthermore, her results showed that out of the 52 female bed bugs tested, only one laid a single egg after brief exposure to the liner fabric. This is exciting news given the high reproduction rate of bed bugs and the early dramatic effect(s) these liners have on bed bugs before they ultimately succumb and die. Richard Adie, GM of the Statler Hotel attests to the use of these Mattress Liners, “Franky I’m not sure why ActiveGuard® has not been recognized as the only solution for the problem.”

Having a Bed Bug Prevention Program in place offers evidence of the responsibility taken on the part of the hotelier, landlord or assisted living director to protect those residing under their control.  In addition, use of these liners as a preventive should assist these caretakers if forced to defend themselves in a bed bug lawsuit. Considering the high cost of treatment, why not take a proactive stance against bed bugs? Learn more about bed bugs at

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