ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners Offers Free Liner Trial Program to Pest Management Professionals

Allergy Technologies LLC recently announced the offering of its ‘Free Liner Trial Program’ enabling pest management professionals (PMPs) to evaluate ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners in real world applications. ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners are currently the only EPA-registered bedding product available on the market that is labelled for both prevention and control (killing) of bed bugs for two years.

Joseph Latino, Chief Operating Officer of Allergy Technologies, said, “We feel so confident about the performance of our product that we are offering PMPs the opportunity to trial the product in real world applications. Many pest professionals have been struggling with re-emergence and re-introduction of bed bugs and finding a superior long-term residual that will address these problems. ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners are the missing puzzle piece that successfully completes a bed bug treatment strategy and further, enables PMPs to provide a pro-active, preventative bed bug program to their clients.”

The ‘Free Liner Trial Program’ offers one liner free-of-charge for every two liners purchased. This program is limited to one field demonstration per company. Pest professionals may trial the product in either a pro-active, preventative demonstration where Allergy Technologies strongly recommends that liners be installed on at least 100 beds. When installing the liner as the last step in a treatment strategy for an active infestation, the requisite minimum beds is approximately 50-60 beds. In both scenarios, the number of beds suggested will likely provide the PMP a clear indication of the liner’s efficiency in controlling bed bugs and/or preventing an infestation from establishing.  Liners may be placed directly on the mattress, inverted on the opposite side of the mattress or on the box spring, a known harborage area for bed bugs. Upon completion of the study, pest professionals are required to confidentially share with Allergy Technologies the results of the field study.

Pest professionals can learn more or request to take part in the ActiveGuard® Free Liner Trial Program by contacting their Allergy Technologies representative or visiting

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