ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners vs Encasements

The ActiveGuard Mattress Liner is a polyester fabric formed in the shape of a fitted sheet.  The elastic edges of the active liner are tucked under the mattress or box spring upon which it is placed.  The ActiveGuard Mattress Liner is impregnated with 1.64% permethrin and kills bed bugs.  There is only one commercial active liner.

An encasement is a fabric or plastic bag formed in the shape of a mattress or box spring.  Encasements typically have a side that is zippered after installation.  It contains no insecticide and kills bed bugs over weeks to months via starvation. 
There are many commercial encasements with a wide variety in quality, features, and testing.

The following list of characteristics outlines the differences between active liners and encasements.


ActiveGuard Mattress Liner


  • Four sizes fit all                                
  • Simple installation; less than one minute by one person, no training
  • Typically installed on mattress cleared of bed bugs first                
  • 100% kill, often within 72 hours                        
  • Kills house dust mites                             
  • Preventively kills introduced bed bugs prior to potential infestation                  
  • Impervious to ripping or tearing                   
  • Maintenance free
  • Lab and field data on website


  • Precise sizing: 16+ SKU’s
  • Often requires two people,extended time, practice suggested
  • Often installed over live bed bugs infesting mattress
  • 100% kill, by starvation, over months
  • No information, some have barrier claimes
  • Limited to protecting mattress and box spring
  • Prone to ripping and tearing; tape repair questionable
  • Request constant surveillance for rips and closure integrity
  • Lab data on some websites



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