A Look at the Latest in Bed Bug Research

by Jim Ballard 29 Jul 2013

Behavioral Responses of the Bed Bug to Permethrin-Impregnated ActiveGuard® Fabric

Five populations of bed bugs were exposed to the untreated and permethrin impregnated fabric (ActiveGuard®).  No repellency was noted based upon video tracking data.  In another test, after only 30 minutes of exposure to the impregnated fabric, bed bug mortality ranged from 4 to 83% and all populations exhibited a significant reduction in feeding for those bugs that actually fed.

Dual Action Bed Bug Killers

New products containing two classes of insecticides (a neonicotinoid and a pyrethroid) have been tested in the lab and the field.  Temprid® SC (imidacloprid and β-cyfluthrin) and Transport® GHP Insecticide (acetamiprid and bifenthrin) have been highly successful in controlling bed bugs on many types of surfaces with great residual. 

The Preliminary Evaluation of the Potential of Beauveria bassiana for Bed Bug Control

Two populations of bed bugs were exposed to an oil formulation containing fungal spores from B. bassiana.  Exposed bed bugs from both populations all died and the transfer of spores to unexposed bed bugs occurred in the harborage.  Improved formulations should be able to move the spores into the harborages of bed bugs just as cockroach bait moved into the harborages of cockroaches with better control the result.

Ineffectiveness of Over-the-Counter Total-Release Foggers Against the Bed Bug

Three commercial foggers were evaluated in their ability to kill bed bugs in an arena containing harborages.  If bed bugs had access to harborage, there was very little adverse effects after a 2 hour direct exposure to the aerosolized pyrethroids.  Over use of these products in an attempt to make them work can result in increased resistance and the risk of explosion by the ignition of the fog.

Efficacy of Commercially Available Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Devices to Affect Behavior of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs were exposed to the sound produced by four different commercially available devices.  The bed bugs were released into a tube where the bed bugs had the choice of entering an arena with a operating ultrasonic device or an arena with no device. These devices did not repel nor attract bed bugs during the tests.

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