Why ActiveGuard® Now

Bed bugs can easily hide, evading housekeeping staff and even top pest control experts' best efforts. Pest management programs usually require several visits but only one newly introduced pregnant female bed bug or several missed eggs can restart the infestation cycle. Hotel rooms with regular guest turnover are constantly challenged with new bed bug introductions; these pests are notorious hitchhikers!  And once an infestation establishes, these bugs are incredibly difficult to eradicate. That's why Hotels throughout the country are protecting their guests and beds with ActiveGuard®. 


Why Choose ActiveGuard®?

  • World-class bed bug prevention and control for up to two years
  • A cost-efficient tool for the prevention of bed bugs
  • Short exposure of only 10 minutes exhibits impact on bed bugs
  • Easy-to-install
  • Four sizes fits all mattresses and box springs
  • Protect your guests and your reputation
  • Trusted and widely used by pest management professionals, major hotels and property managers to protect their customers, guests and residents from bed bugs

For more information about working with ActiveGuard®, download ActiveGuard® - A Product You Can Trust

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Additional Benefits
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  • Maintenance-free – “just set it and forget it”
  • Active ingredient is used globally for a variety of public health uses including L.L. Bean® protective outerwear
  • Extensively lab & field tested
  • Liners are thin, breathable, comfortable & durable
  • User-friendly label with no signal word or precautionary warnings