Mattress Liners

ActiveGuard® is the first mattress liner to actually kill bed bugs—even new, more resistant strains, as well as dust mites and their allergens.


  • Kills bed bugs in or on mattresses and box springs
  • Effective in both active and preventative bed bug treatment strategies
  • Soft, durable construction
  • Easy, one-person installation
  • Lab and field tested on a variety of bed bug strains by entomologists
  • Even distribution of active ingredient
  • No airborne sprays or powders
  • No maintenance required
  • Saves customers from costly box spring or mattress replacement
  • Patent-protected device
  • Potential to stop new infestations dead
  • Four sizes fit all


Easy to install, affordable and highly effective, use ActiveGuard® on every bed bug job for effective control and protection!