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What type of Control Strategies do you use in your facility for bed bug incidents?
Canine detection?    PMP visual detection?    Heat?    Chemical?    Both?

Do you realize the costs associated with each of these steps and the overall cost impact they have on your hotel's P&L for every bed bug incident that occurs? What about all the related hidden costs?

However, all of these strategies are reactionary!!! ActiveGuard Mattress Liners are the only proven standalone control measure that can prevent infestations from occurring saving money, increasing brand confidence and room occupancy, enhancing guest and staff confidence and reducing litigation potential.

Do you feel that your cost per incident is less than $2000?
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Cost per incident?
How many incidents do you have per month?
These are the number of incidents you have per year: 0
And the number of incidents every two years: 0
Cost of bed bug control for 2 years: 0
How many beds do you have?
Cost of AG protection for 2 yrs: 0
Breakeven Point: 0
Savings: 0
If % effectiveness is:
Savings are: 0
  Treatment   ActiveGuard
ActiveGuard pays for itself after 0 incident(s) $0 versus $0
Over two years of time, you will save over 0 $0 minus $0
Breakeven point is: 0 incident(s); every incident afterward is pure savings
If ActiveGuard is only 0% effective, your savings are: $0
ActiveGuard is the behind-the-scenes insurance policy that reduces bed bug incidents thereby increasing hotel operating efficiencies and maximizing P&Ls